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“Drag and Drop” easily identifies  Global Template beliefs as well as the simple steps that you should follow to create your own website: you must only click on an App, drag it to the desired position and drop it.
In fact, with Global Template you don't need any technical knowledge. Simply select from the Compstore on your left the available components developed for your needs (such as text, menus, photo gallery, links to social etc.) and move them into your workspace.
The components are divided by categories for you to easily find the Apps you're looking for.
For example if you want to add the e-commerce capability just go to E-commerce section and drag the apps you need.


On the first access to your site from Global Template, a screen  will automatically open where you can choose one of the many available templates.
The template is a web site template used for the site graphics. With Global Template, you can choose among dozens of high quality templates and find the one that best represents your business. Some examples: Select Restaurant if you own a restaurant, Café Roma if you own a coffee shop, Fashion if you're into fashion and clothing, Portfolio if your goal is to present works or projects related to your profession.

To preview the templates available, please visit our template page.

Notice: If you want to create a template for the site by yourself, you can choose a blank page and give free rein to your creativity and imagination. Another alternative to the template is the exclusive option Import from Facebook that captures the most beautiful pictures and the most relevant information from your personal profile or Fan Page and transfers them on your new website in just a few seconds .
Have you tried to edit a template and the result isn’t up to your expectactions? Try one of our other templates! From the Management Panel at your right side click the wheel icon, and then click Template.  This is how you can start from scratch and select a brand new template

Copy and Paste

Copy and paste feature lets you copy an app from a page to other pages by duplicating all the original app properties such as, size, position and content.
It's really easy: right click on the component, choose "Copy component", go to the destination page, choose the area you desire and right click on it, then you have two possible choices:
1. Paste the component: in this case, all the subsequent modifications to the ancestor component will be replicated on the other pages in which the component has been pasted.
2. Clone and paste: in this case the pasted app will not be linked to its ancestor.

Resize an App

You can resize all the Global Template Apps !
Click on the App and drag one of its sides to change the width and the height.
You can resize the app by clicking on one of the corners to change both the width and the height: on the right and left, we will show you the current App width.
You will be able to maintain the ratio between the length and the height, by resizing the App from one of its corners while holding the Shift key.

Delete an APP

Deleting content from your website is really easy: you just need a couple of clicks.
Click on the app you want to delete, then "modify" and then click the trash icon to delete the app.
You will be asked for confirmation. 
Shortcut: use the "Del" keyword button.

Apply full-width size to your Apps

Make your website perfect by using "Full Width" functionality.

Choose any App for which you want to apply full width functionality by clicking the "Modify" bar and then the settings icon.
Check "Full Width" option. App will be automatically resized according to the width of the current window.

Block App position

You can block an app position using the "Chain components" feature.
Click on the gear icon on your right in the editor. In the "advanced Settings" panel you can activate "Chain components".
Once this option is active every App will have a further checkbox that can be used.
By double clicking an App, then the gear icon in the edit bar and then "Bind Position" you can choose between "Above" or "Below".
Remember to repeat the procedure for every App you want to keep blocked.

Move an App backward or forward

You can bring an App forward or backward by right clicking on your App.
Select bring forward to bring the App forward.
Select send backward to send the App backward.
You can change the different order of the Apps by using the "Layers" feature.
Click on the wheel icon on the right bar. From the advanced settings, activate Layers.
From the Layers panel click the App you are interested in and drag it to the level you desire.

Page Manager

Selecting the "Page Manager" icon from the right panel you can manage all the pages created with Global Template.
You can add new pages or duplicate old ones. By hovering page names you can delete them by clicking on the trashcan icon.
Please be careful: the page called "Home" is the default entrance page of your website, and cannot be renamed, replaced or deleted.

Search Engine Optimization

With Global Template you can optimize your website for better visibility in search engines.

Some of the factors that may affect the proper indexing on search engines:

- Originality of the content (text content if already present in other internet sites penalize the positioning);
- Refresh rate of the contents;
- Title, description and keywords of the site and individual pages;
- Application of Tag Search Console;
- Loading sitemap in Webmaster Tools;
- Type of domain.

A short guide to the use of the tools in the Global Template for positioning on search engines:

Search Engine Optimization panel

To get started, open the management panel that you can find on the right and click on the wheel settings.

By clicking on "Indexing Site" you can make the general basic site optimization and that of every single page.

a) title of the site: it must be fully explanatory of the service you offer
b) description: a thick description of keywords
c) Key words: word, keyword, words, etc.
d) tools webmaster tags: logging on to you can use the following procedure:
add your site; the page in which it was generated code webmaster tool you can find the item "Alternative Methods";
click on "HTML Tag - Add a meta tag to your site's home page."

By doing so it will appear something like this:
<Meta name = "google-site-verification" content = "dpZ9TKD3KYghyRPPrgjpBhxioXeDiXy7xjJZQ2VVnG4" />
This is the code to copy the appropriate section.
When entries are completed click Save.

Simultaneously inserting the tag inside the Search Engine Optimization panel, we recommend adding the site's Webmaster Tools Sitemaps account.
From your profile Webmaster Tool click on Scan> Sitemap and then "Add / Test Sitemap";
Complete the editable part by the words "sitemap" and confirm by clicking on "Submit Sitemap".

Even in Search Engine Optimization panel you can click on "submit sitemap" to ensure that your site is included in Google's index.
Click on save and remember that Google will take a few days to update the changes.

Now we'll want to repeat the same procedure for each page of the site. In fact, by clicking on the individual pages, you can enter the title, description and keywords of each page.
Make sure to include an explanatory title of the page itself and not to copy the description and keywords on all pages.

If your site is made more foreign languages, you can change the flag to enter the meta title tags, description and keywords in any language.

Remember to always save before moving on to the next language or page.

Link to Google Analytics

It will be useful at this point to connect your site to Google Analytics.
connected to
Click on create account and enter your gmail account
click on manage site and add the url of the website
It detects the identification code (in the following format: UA-XXXXX-Y)
connected on Global Template> dashbord> open statistics> other services
The heading Google Analitycs enter the ID code and confirm by clicking on the green ball that will appear.

Update frequently the content and rename images with keywords before they are entered in the site;
it is critical that other sites and social networks (Google +) have links pointing to your site.

Create the Mobile versione of your website

Versione Mobile - Siti Responsive

To enable your Mobile version, click on the "Desktop" icon in the settings on the right part of your editor.

You can decide whether to choose the desktop or the mobile version (actually the icon will toggle from desktop to mobile when clicked).

If you switch to the mobile editor, grids will be automatically resized to smartphones standard dimensions.

Please be careful: everything you add, modify or delete in the mobile editor will be modified in the desktop version too (and viceversa). 

To enable mobile version, you must find yourself in the mobile editor. Click on the "mobile" icon and then toggle the "Mobile view" to on.

Courtesy Page

Pagina di Cortesia

While you work on your site, you can activate the Courtesy Page so that all of the links and menu items that point to pages inside your site will be directed to a single default page. To enable this feature, click on the Page Manager on your right panel  and then click on "Courtesy Page". Confirm to proceed and select, from the list, which of the pages you have created will be set as the Default Page.You  have selected and activated your Courtesy Page. Remember to turn off this Page after your website is completed.

Create private web pages

Area Privata

Creating private web pages on your website is a PRO-only feature.
This feature can limit the visitors in accessing specific web pages.
Click on the gear icon in the right panel and select "Page Protection"

Pages: you can choose the pages that you want to make private. You just need to click on the chain icon for the pages you want to lock.

Groups: here you can create an authorized group for a certain web area. Click on "add a new group", select the name, then save by clicking on the confirmation icon.

Users: you can add and delete users from groups. 
Just click on "Add new users", then choose username a passaword and the group where he belongs.
Click on the confirmation icon to save it, or the thrash icon to delete it.




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