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Developer: Any person or company that registers to Globaltemplate Service to develop Websites in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. 
Globaltemplate: The technological Platform managed by Global Italia Srl with which developers can implement Web Sites. 
Web Sites: Software, content and digital materials created ​​using Globaltemplate. 
End user: every individual that personally or in the name of a company visits or makes use of a website created by a Developer. 

1. Introduction

Globaltemplate is a publicly accessible website with which Developers and Users can create and manage Websites. In order to create and manage Web Sites, the Developer must have a valid Globaltemplate account by accepting this agreement.

2. Accepting the Agreement

2.1 Globaltemplate service use related to creation and management of Websites is subject to a legal agreement between the Developer or User and Global Italia Srl This legal agreement is set up by the terms and conditions of the present document. In order for the Developer and/or User to use Globaltemplate to create and manage their own Websites, they must accept the present Agreement by clicking “Create your Website”. The Developer and/or the User is not allowed to create and manage Web Sites using Globaltemplate before having read and accepted this agreement. 
The Developer and/or the User is not allowed to use Globaltemplate and to agree on this "Terms and Conditions" if: (a) He is not of legal age to sign a binding contract with Globaltemplate (b) He is inhibited from receiving the Services under the laws of the United States or other countries including the country in which he is residing or from which he uses the Services 

2.3 The Developer and/or User declares and warrants that he has full power, capacity and authority to accept this Agreement. If the Developer agrees to be bound by this Agreement on behalf of his employer or another entity, he declares and warrants that he has full legal authority on behalf of his employer or the aforementioned entity to accept this Agreement. If the Developer does not have the necessary authority, can not accept the Agreement or use Globaltemplate on behalf of the employer of the aforementioned entity.

3. End User Assistance

Developer will be solely responsible for the provision of the services and maintenance of its Websites and any complaint regarding the same Websites. His contact information for the assistance shall be displayed on every page created by Developer, and made available to users to enable them to ask for assistance. 
The failure to provide appropriate assistance in relation to the Developer Websites may, in some cases, lead to the removal from Globaltemplate.

4. Developer Usage of Globaltemplate

4.1 Except for the license rights assigned to the Developer as explained in Section 5, Globaltemplate accepts not to obtain from the Developer (or from its license owner) any right, title or interest related to Developer Products, including all the relevant intellectual properties associated to these Products. 

4.2 The Developer agrees to use the Services only for purposes that are permitted by (a) this Terms and Conditions agreement and (b) any applicable law, regulation or generally accepted practices or guidelines for the relevant jurisdictions (including, as an example, any laws regarding data and software Export to and from the United States or other relevant countries). 

4.3 The Developer accepts that deciding to use Globaltemplate to create and manage websites he will protect privacy and legal rights of the end users. If the Web Site created with Globaltemplate has access and use personal information such as (and not limited to) username, passwords, age of birth, and so on, the Developer is obliged to inform the end user that himself or the product will use such information. Furthermore if the Developer has access to sensible information, he must: 
produce a Privacy Policy that is compliant with the applicable laws store and safeguard this information complying the applicable safety measures, and relevant storage duration. If any valid personal agreement has been signed by the parties, this will substitute the original agreement. If the end users provide details about their Globaltemplate account to the developers (even through the Website), Developer may use the above mentioned details, even through its Web site, to access to his Globaltemplate accout only when and to the extent where the user has granted permission to do so.

4.4 Forbidden activities

4.4.1 The Developer agrees not to do anything (including development and publishing of Websites or any other material) that violates this Terms and condtions or: 
Violates 3rd party Terms and Conditions 
Violates local, regional or national laws 
Include any activity which could interfer,violate, interrupt, harm hardware,software, networks, data of (and not limited to) Globaltemplate users or any other internet user 
Would include false information 
Violate intectual properties of other users 
Consent any forbidden download of unauthorized multimedia or streaming content 
Violate intellectual property including licenses, patents, copyrights (refer to Digital Millenium Copyright Act by Google) trademarks, industrial secrets 

4.4.2 The developer agrees not to access (or attempt to access) any of the Services by any means other than through the interface that is provided by Globaltemplate, unless he has been specifically allowed to do so in a separate agreement with Global Italia Srl. 

4.4.3 The developer can’t deviate or link to other websites that imitates Globaltemplate or acts as if they were Globaltemplate. For any doubt avoidance, the Developer may offer Web sites as an access point to paid services for which customers have registered and for which charge information has been provided. 

4.4.4 The developer must not usi NPAPI plugin unless it is authorized by Global Italia Srl

4.5 The Developer accepts to be the only responsible for all the Websites he has created and managed through Globaltemplate, and of any consequence that may arise from his actions (including any damage or loss suffered by Globaltemplate or third parties). Furthermore the developer accepts that Globaltemplate is not responsible towards the Developer or third parties for any action done by the Developer itself. 

4.6 The Developers agree to be solely responsible for any breach of all the obligations under this Agreement, by existing contracts with third-party or third-party terms of service, the application of laws or regulations and also the consequences of the violation of the same (including any loss or damage suffered by Global Italia Srl or by third parties), and that Global Italia Srl is not responsible in any way against the Developer and the same third party for such violations. 

4.7 Products Evaluation

4.7.1 Globaltemplate will allow users to evaluate the Websites. Globaltemplate could use and publish statistics and analytics relevant to the Websites, for ex. Number of visitors, to identify or remove Websites that do not satisfy acceptable standards, as defined by Globaltemplate. 
Globaltemplate reserves the right to show Web Sites to users at Globaltemplate’s sole discretion. 

4.7.2 Developer Websites will be subject to judgments that they may not agree with. Developers may contact Globaltemplate for any questions or concerns about the judgement method. 

4.8 Commercialization of the Product. The Developer will be responsible for its Websites, for the provision of the necessary information to end users, as well as the communication of precise security permissions, necessary for the operation of the Websites on users' computer, hardware or other devices.

5. Licenses

5.1 The Developer gives Globaltemplate a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to host, create link, copy, modify, translate, publish, publicly display, test and distribute any Website and related Content which the Developer submits, post or display through, the Website. 

5.2 The Developer gives user a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, and non-exclusive license to execute, display and use Websites and related content. The Developer has the opportunity to include a different license agreement with the End User (EULA) , which will regulate end user rights related to product license. 

5.3 Global Italia Srl can take advantage of consultants or other representatives to execute and comply to the rights presented in this Agreement, provided that these consultants and representatives must comply to the same commitments of Global Italia Srl Upon termination of this Agreement, Global Italia Srl will not distribute Developer Web Site anymore, but may retain and use copies of the Website for support purposes related to Globaltemplate service. 

5.4 The Developer declares and warrants that it holds, and maintain, all the rights necessary to grant the licenses to the Web sites and the content available or transmitted through the Web sites to Global Italia Srl, its affiliates and Websites users. 

5.5 Subject to the license rights granted in this Agreement, ( a) the Developer retains all rights in and to the Web sites and (b) each party retains all rights held independently to this Agreement, including the rights held under the U.S. Copyright Act or similar laws of other jurisdictions. Global Italia Srl acknowledges and agrees that it obtains trough this agreement from the Developer (or Developer’s licensors) any right, title or interest under this Agreement on the content he submits, posts, transmits or displays on or through the Website, including any intellectual property rights present in that content (whether those rights are registered or not, and wherever in the world they exist). Unless otherwise agreed in a written agreement with Globaltemplate, Developer agrees to be responsible for protecting and enforcing those rights and that Globaltemplate has no obligation to do so on his behalf. 

6. Brand and advertisement

6.1 For "Brand Features" we mean the registered brand names, trademarks, logos, domain names and other distinctive brand distinctive elements of each party, owned by (or licensed to) such part when needed. 

6.2 Each party owns all the rights, title and interest, including without limitation all intellectual property rights related to the distinctive elements of its brand . Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, neither party grants , nor the other party acquire, any right, title or interest (including , without limitation, any implied license ) in respect of the Brand Features of the other party. Pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Developer grants Global Italia Srl and its affiliates a non-exclusive limited license valid for the duration of this Agreement to show the Developer Brand Features in order to use them in relation to Global Italia Srl and perform its obligations under this Agreement . Nothing provided in this Agreement gives the developer the right to use the brand names, trademarks, logos, domain names, or other distinctive brand owned by Global Italia Srl 

6.3 Advertising

Global Italia Srl and its affiliates may insert the Developer Brand Features, screenshots, videos and demos of products and content contained in, available from or transmitted through the Web sites inside presentations, marketing materials and marketing events, Developer events, financial statements, websites lists (including links to the developer website), press releases, and customer lists (including, without limitation, customer lists posted on Globaltemplate websites) in order to sponsor Globaltemplate advertising products and services. Globaltemplate grants to Developer a limited, non-exclusive, worldwide effective usage of Globaltemplate Brand for the term of this Agreement solely for advertising purposes and only in accordance with the guidelines of the Globaltemplate brand. 

7. Removal, Control and Updates

7.1 Removal by the Developer. The Developer may remove its Web sites from Globaltemplate at any time, in such a way that they will not be manageable for the future through Globaltemplate, but must comply with the terms of this Agreement in relation to each website managed by Globaltemplate. The removal of the Websites by Developer from Globaltemplate so that they are no longer distributed through Globaltemplate (a) do not produce the termination or modification of the license rights of end users who have previously used the Web sites or (b) does not involve the removal of the Websites from computers, hardware or other devices owned by end users, or from any section of Globaltemplate where information is stored on the Web Site 

7.2 Control and removal by Globaltemplate. Globaltemplate has no obligation to monitor the Web sites or their content, but may at any time inspect or test the Developers’ Websites as well as their source code to verify that they meet the terms of this Agreement , the rules of Globaltemplate program and any other term, obligation , law or current regulation , and can use automated methods to perform these checks. Globaltemplate reserves the right to refuse to handle and / or register a Web Site at its sole discretion. Global Italia Srl reserves the right to remove and / or block websites that make use of redirects and / or inserted inside iframes. In case of non-fullfilment, the site can be obscured. At the Developer may be requested information or contact details to be personally identifiable as part of the registration process Globaltemplate or during the use of the Services. Users agree to provide the most accurate, correct and up-to-date information to Globaltemplate. In the context of the specifications for the Website, Globaltemplate may require the developer to include information such as name and email address in the presentation of the Website. Global Italia Srl may use this information for the presentation of the Website in its directory or for other uses. Where Globaltemplate is informed by Developer or becomes aware in other ways and assess at its sole discretion that a Developer Website, or distinctive elements of Developer brands (a ) infringe intellectual property rights or any other rights of any third party , (b) violate applicable law , or are subject to injunction , (c ) contain pornographic, obscene or otherwise violate the standards of Globaltemplate hosting or other terms of service occasionally updated by Globaltemplate at its sole discretion , (d) are published or distributed incorrectly , and (e ) may give rise to liability against Globaltemplate or any third party , ( f ) contain viruses or are considered by Globaltemplate as malware, spyware or harmful for the Globaltemplate network or third parties; ( g ) violates the terms of this Agreement or Globaltemplate program, or ( h ) damage the integrity of the Globaltemplate servers (for ex. users are unable to access content or have issues ) , Globaltemplate can prevent the display of the Web Site , remove the website from its system, disable or remove remote systems or devices of the user, or flag, filter change related materials (including , without limitation , descriptions, screenshots or metadata) or reclassify the Web Site at its sole discretion. Developer can contact Globaltemplate if he has any question or concern about removal. Globaltemplate reserves the right to suspend or prevent access to any system Website at its sole discretion.

8. Developers credentials

8.1 The Developer agrees to be responsible for the confidentiality of credentials chosen by the developer or that can be issued from Globaltemplate itself, and will be solely responsible for all applications developed using this Developer credentials . 

8.2 Globaltemplate can limit the number of Websites that the Developer, the society or the organization for which he works, realizes or manages. 

8.3 Global Italia Srl may, at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate the right of the Developer to manage his We sites through Globaltemplate for any reason, including, without limitation: (a) breach of this Agreement or the Globaltemplate Program Rules Globaltemplate or (b) violation of any intellectual property law, including copyrights. For more information about Globaltemplate rules about copyright, read the information presented here.

9. Privacy

9.1 In order to innovate and improve Globaltemplate service, Globaltemplate can collect some statistical data on the use of Globaltemplate and computers, devices or other hardware of the users, including, but not limited to, information on how to use Globaltemplate and sites. . 

9.2 Data collected are examined as a whole to improve Globaltemplate for the benefit of users and developers and are maintained in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Globaltemplate. In order to improve the websites, aggregate data may be available to the developers by submitting a written request.

10. Duration of Contract, Service Cost and Withdrawal/Termination of the Contract

10.1 Duration of Contract

This Contract has a duration of one year and will be renewed until its termination by the Developer User and/or final User or by Global Italia Srl itself, according to the terms indicated below. 
In order to avoid service interruptions (like – to make an example – the non-renewal of the domain in due course, etc.) the automatic payment system could proceed with the charging – in the payment system already chosen by the Developer and/or User – of the service cost from thirty (30) days before the performing contract expiration date. In case the charging attempts should fail, Globaltemplate takes no responsibility for the direct or indirect damage deriving from the renewal failure of all the services bought by a third party which provide a yearly renewal. 
In any case the automatic renewal will not be effective if the service cost – due to the payment profile chosen by the Developer and/or User – has not already been cashed by Globaltemplate at least fifteen (15) days before the performing contract expiration date. 
In case the automatic payment is not active, the same Developer and / or User must paid "strictly" at least 30 days before the expiration date, if this is not the case, Global Italia S.r.l. assumes no responsibility for direct and / or indirect damages resulting from the non-renewal of any services purchased by third parties that provide for an annual renewal, the automatic system may disable the service starting from the last 15 days of the contract, the Developer and/or User You will be required to regularize the payment after which the service will be reactivated.
If the payment automatic or manual does not reach within the terms indicated, the Developer and / or User could be charged for penalty occurrences (such as unlocking the domain name) for re-activating the services.
If the payment arrives after the expiration date, it is not guaranteed that the published content can be retrieved.
In the specific case of free trial periods offered to test the service, the Developer and / or User who wishes to go to the paid service must do so within 20 days of the expiration of the free period, starting from 15 days from the expiration of the trial period the automatic system will cancel the free accounts without the Developer and / or User will be able to retrieve published content. 

10.2 Cost of Service

The cost of the Globaltemplate service is meant to be annual. It can be paid, by Customer’s choice, with a single annual deposit or with single monthly deposit (Only if expected) as shown on the Globaltemplate home page.
If the monthly payment is foreseen, the contract must be understood as annual and therefore the customer is required to pay all 12 months, in this specific case the payment can be paid at the Customer's choice or with a single annual payment or with monthly monthly payments.
If available the monthly deposit and the Developer and / or User chooses the monthly payment form, he/she will be able to switch to the annual form the following year and the discount for the annual payment form will be applied, but the opposite right is expressly denied.

10.3 Withdrawal/Termination of the Contract

10.3.1 Consumer withdrawal
Within the meaning of Article 52 and following of the "Codice del Consumo" (Consumer Protection Law) in force in Italy, only the Consumer has the right to withdraw from this contract by sending to Globaltemplate the dedicated form (available at this link) duly completed and signed within 14 day from its subscription. 
In case the Consumer makes use of the withdrawal right, he/she will be entitled for reimbursement of the expenses paid by signing the contract deducting the charges already faced by Globaltemplate to bring the contract into effect until it has received the withdrawal request. These expenses and costs will be reported by Global Italia Srl when it will communicate the Consumer the refund he/she deserves. 

10.3.2 Withdrawal from the Contract 

The Developer, User and/or final User can withdraw from this Contract by sending to Globaltemplate the dedicated form, available at this link, duly completed and signed along with a copy of his/her – or of his/her legal representative – identity document with a Forty five (45) days advance notice (unless this Contract hasn’t been terminated according to Section 14.1) and stop the use of any credential connected to it. 
In case of premature withdrawal from this contract – exercised according to this point – by the Developer, User and/or final User, he/she shall anyway pay a penalty equal to the amount due to settle the balance of the annual service cost. 

10.3.3 Termination of the Contract 

Global Italia Srl can, at every moment, terminate this Contract with the Developer, User and/or final User – as an example but not only – if: 
(A) the Developer, User and/or final User violates any disposition of this Contract; 
(B) Globaltemplate is forced by law to proceed in this way; 
(C) Globaltemplate decides to provide no service any longer.

10.4 After the termination of this Contract, Global Italia Srl will stop distributing the Website of the Developer, User and/or final User, but may keep and use copies of it for support purposes which are linked to the Globaltemplate service

11. Disclaimer of Warranties

11.1 Globaltemplate is provided "as it is available", with the exclusion of any guarantee, without limitation, any guarantee related to timing, frequency and implementation of the product updates distribution  

11.2 The use of Globaltemplate and any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of Globaltemplate by the developer and / or user, is at its sole discretion and at its own risk. The developer and / or users are solely responsible for any damage caused to computers or other devices and the loss of data resulting from such use. 

11.3 Global Italia Srl, makes no warranty or condition of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, appropriate for a particular purpose of the violation.

12. Limitations of Liability

The developer and/or user expressly agrees that Global Italia Srl, its affiliates, distributors and affiliates, and licensors are not liable to the developer for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages allegedly suffered by the developer, and anything gives the cause and the theory of liability. It is included any loss of data, even if Global Italia Srl or its representatives have been advised of or should have been aware of the possibility of such losses.

No compensation will be required to Global Italy srl for any direct and / or indirect arising from the use or non-use of services. If the developer and/or user suffers damage, it will only be required to refund the price paid for any period of which the developer and/or user has not benefited from the service.

13. Indemnification obligations

To the extent permitted by law, the developer and/or user agrees to indemnify Global Italia Srl , its affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from any claim, action, suit or proceeding and from any loss, liability, damages, costs and expenses (including attorneys' fees) arising, first, from the use of Globaltemplate by the developer and/or user, in violation of this Agreement, the Rules of the program Globaltemplate or any law or regulation. Secondly, from the breach through the Web Site Developer of copyright, trademark rights, trade secrets, trade dress, patents or any other intellectual property right of any person arising out of or defames any person or infringement of its rights of publicity editorial or privacy. Thirdly, from claims of third parties arising out of or relating to the Site or the Web Developer's use of the latter Globaltemplate . 

14. Changes of the Contract

Global Italia Srl may make changes to this Agreement. When these changes are made​​, Globaltemplate will make a new copy of the Contract at the site of the Globaltemplate It is responsibility of the Developer and/or User to periodically check the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The changes will become effective and shall be deemed accepted by the Developer and/or User in the following situations: immediately for those who become Developers and / or Members after the change; (b) for those who are already developers and/or users, the changes will be effective when the developer accepts the modified Agreement (except changes required by the law that will be effective immediately) or 7 days after the publication of the amendment, if the developer continues to use the services of Globaltemplate. 

15. Legal terms

15.1 This Agreement constitutes the entire legal agreement between you and Globaltemplate, governs the use of Globaltemplate by the Developer and completely replaces any prior agreements between you and Globaltemplate in relation to Globaltemplate. The Developer Agreement for Globaltemplate, the program policies and Terms of Service of Globaltemplate will be applied in the order indicated if there is any inconsistency between them, to the extent of such inconsistency. 

15.2 The developer agrees that failure to exercise or enforce by Globaltemplate of any legal right or remedy under this Agreement (or anything else Globaltemplate benefits under any applicable law) will not be considered as a formal waiver of rights to Globaltemplate and that those rights or remedies will still be available to Globaltemplate. 

15.3 If a Court having the jurisdiction in this matter, rules that any provision of this Agreement is invalid, that provision will be removed without affecting the other terms of the Contract. The remaining provisions of this Agreement shall continue to be valid and enforceable. 

15.4 The developer acknowledges and agrees that each company in the group to which Globaltemplate is the leading company will be third-party-beneficiary of their rights under this Agreement and that these companies will have the option to apply directly and rely upon any provision of the Contract which gives them an advantage or confers rights on their behalf. Other than this, no other person or company shall be beneficiary of this Agreement as a third party. 

15.5 Export Limitations

The websites available in Globaltemplate may be subject to export controls or restrictions imposed by the European Union. Developers agree to comply with all export laws and regulations in force in the European Union. These laws include restrictions on destinations, end users and end use. 

15.6 The rights granted in this Agreement may not be assigned or transferred to other parties (the Developer or Globaltemplate) without the prior written consensus of the other party. Neither the developer nor Globaltemplate be permitted to delegate their responsibilities or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consensus of the other party. 

15.7 This Agreement and the relationship between the Developer and Globaltemplate established by the Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State in which it is located Globaltemplate, without regard to the rules of private international law. Developer and Globaltemplate agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in which it is located Globaltemplate, to resolve any legal matter arising from this Agreement. Nevertheless, the Developer agrees that Globaltemplate shall still be allowed to apply for injunctive remedies (or an equivalent type of urgent legal relief) in any jurisdiction. 
The obligations set in Sections 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13 and 15 will be valid even in case of expiration or termination of this Agreement.


For the purposes and for the effects of art. 1341 and 1342 Cod. Civ. It's expressly endorsed, afterwards
Have taken careful note of what is contained in the following clauses:

4.  Developer Usage of Globaltemplate
7.  Removal, Control and Updates
10. Duration of Contract, Service Cost and Withdrawal/Termination of the Contract
11. Disclaimer of Warranties
12. Limitations of Liability
13. Indemnification obligations
15. Legal terms



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